Welcome to theOrbitbrown.com, I hope you enjoy your stay. For those who don’t know me, my name is Chris Brown. I made the leap from the corporate world as a 40 hour a week banker to here during the spring of 2012. It was risky and a lot of people didn’t believe I could do this. So I ran full throttle towards the completion of the site. My website is my primary career and my number one focus. This site is my portal to which I will extract everything that I have wandering in my mind. This website not only has a variety of magic that I perform on a regular basis, but it also has my blogs where you’ll get a chance to see how deep I look into everything that crosses my line of site and line of thought. I have always been more interested in card mechanics rather than flourishes because I appreciate what an experienced mechanic can do with a deck. They can be a ninja and execute very hard moves that nobody will see. All done undercover to make the moment that much more impossible to the viewer. All techniques I have learned and mastered are a testament to how much time and devoted attention I’ve spent on this. I believe a builder needs the proper tools in his toolbox. The more tools he has, the wider variety of things he can accomplish. Here on theOrbitbrown.com it is NOT my goal to make 10 thousand effects as quickly as possible. Most business men would say, “Put out as many products as possible, as fast as you can. This will saturate the market with your material giving the consumer no choice but to buy what you have” I’d rather only put out what I feel is the best of what I have to offer with a high level of quality and careful attention. So if you’re looking for a magic website that has a roster of different artists with thousands of effects, you’ve come to the wrong place. I am not competing with any other magic website. That is not what this is about for me. I’m not comparing notes with other sites because it has never been about being better than others. Simply being better than the yesterday version of myself.

Every thought I have on magic has been pondered extremely in depth. So if I put out a product on the site, it means its something I would buy myself or its something I believe you should know if you’re serious about learning magic and becoming a better artist. A lot of what I put out are strange things that I have either accidentally stumbled upon, or old moves that I have revamped to achieve a more modern and streamlined approach. Thats what being a true card artist pioneer is all about. Creating new ideas and improving the old ones. I don’t like over complex routines that are too focused on the technical side rather than the experience you’re giving your spectator. This site is still pretty young, it started up on May 30th, 2012. My grandmother passed away on June 1st 2007. My Grandfather on May 29th 2006. Which is why I chose to release the site on May 30th, so I can have both of them on either side as if they were guardians beyond the grave. It is my pledge to you that I will only put out what I feel is the best of what I have to offer. Also, I promise to not make a download trailer in less than an hour. All trailers will be aimed towards being as artistic as the move itself. If you have any questions or concerns about the website or any of the downloads you have purchased feel free to email me at theorbitbrown@gmail.com. To learn more, I encourage you to read the links below.

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Thank you for your interest in theOrbitbrown.com. Lets keep building without stopping or slowing.

Persist. Endure.