Sandy Magic Relief

As a child I can recall asking my parents to give money to homeless people because I figured they needed it more than we did. I’ve always believed that if all people thought this way nobody would be homeless or dying from starvation. The more people think this way, the more secure the future looks for our children and grandchildren. Hurricane Sandy has devastated lives and families. The current death count is 46 on the US east coast and 68 in the Caribbean. Not to mention billions of dollars worth of damage. Families that have lost everything from this storm. A lot of us would love to help but feel like there is nothing we can do because we don’t have money for a plane ticket and supplies. This is your chance to help from your computer chair. I’d like to think there are people who would do this for me and my family if we were ever in trouble. To donate, all you have to do is buy any of my products by clicking the tab above that is labeled “Products”. Not only will you be contributing to a cause but you’ll also learn some rare magic that you might not have learned if this event never happened. Turning a negative into a positive is one of life’s greatest lessons. We won’t be able to fix everything but this contribution of yours will definitely make a difference. Every little bit counts. Check in at on November 2nd to see how much money you have all collectively raised. Remember to hashtag after you have donated with #sandymagicrelief

I thank you for your compassion. I am proud to breathe the same air as you.

Rise. Persist. Endure.
Chris Brown