Why emotions are contagious

The following is an excerpt from the next book I’m working on. The book will compile all of my current thoughts on modern earth. Why we do things and how we can fix our bad habits. Non magic but the outcome to a reader in need of this will be far beyond what a card trick could do. Happy reading. Happy trails.

Your outward emotions are actually growing and spreading to others without you knowing. Your friends, family, and loved ones are the first ones who will be affected. Let me give you an example of this with the most corrosive emotion of all, hate.

I’d like to tell you a make believe story to properly describe my message. This is the story of Molly and Sally. I want you to imagine with me that Molly just had a daughter, Sally. Molly is excited about motherhood and can’t wait to start. Through the years Molly shows to be a good mother. One who is very strict but loving at the same time. Molly is very traditional and carries down past ideologies that were the core to her strong upbringing. In her heart, she is being the best mom possible because she truly loves Sally more than life itself and wants whats best for her. One day Sally is going to the grocery story with her mother Molly when all the sudden an older asian lady cuts off Molly as she was driving. Immediately she starts yelling semi-racist insults. After all, the fear that something could have happened to the love of her life Sally, was monumental. Without realizing what Molly was saying, little Sally heard and soaked in everything that her mom just yelled. As time progresses little Sally has grown up to be a beautiful young lady who now has her license. Throughout the years her and her mom have been through turmoil but she still loves her mom so much.

When Sally was younger she kissed a boy and her mom found out. When Sally openly admitted this she wanted to seek guidance and advice from her mom, but she was shot down. Molly figured that if she taught her daughter about sex then that would mean she accepts that Sally does this whenever she wants. So she avoided it all together. Molly and Sally end up coming home at the same time from work, Sally is now 20. Her mom was talking about her daily stresses and how she hates when mexicans come over here to the US illegally. Sally, just to make sure she was still seen as an equal to her mom responds back and even adds that they should all be deported. Her mom laughs for the first time that day as she semi-agrees with that jokingly radical thought. Sally notices that she made her mom smile but she doesn’t realize what the big picture is. 5 Years pass and Sally is now 25 years old. She has started a group at her college to fight against all immigrants who come here illegally. Her mom is very proud that she has turned out exactly like her. What her mom doesn’t see is how Sally now holds learned hatred against immigrants and therefore closes herself off from growing socially. Molly taught her daughter what to think rather than how to think.

What this story symbolizes is an extremely common reality in all races and cultures today. In some way we all do this. I’ll admit that sometimes my dad will show me a movie that he swears is a good movie. I disagree but I won’t say anything to him about it. I’ll just watch it with him simply to make him happy and to bond. All of our moments are limited so why would I deny that moment to bond with my dad even if its something I don’t like. In the case of Molly and Sally. Sally inherited hatred from her mother on accident. None of this was intentional. Now this is pretty much permanently ingrained in Sally’s mind as to what normal is. Even if Sally meets new people and becomes more open minded, she will revert right back to her old ways around her mother. Why? Because we don’t like to disappoint our parents. We like to make them proud. What better way than to complain about the exact same things? Misery loves company but so does joy.

Ever notice that if your dad is into guns your entire life, you will most likely be too. Or if your dad loves movies so much and you guys watched them as a kid…now you love them too and will pass that down to your kids. Molly on the other hand just inadvertently created somebody who hates and complains about others. This complaining and hating was reinforced simply by Molly showing her hatred around her child. Molly doesn’t realize that she hates a LOT of things and therefore prevents herself from growing. This stems from her mother who learned it from hers and so on and so forth. The root of this was probably a survival instinct attribute. If a tribe saw another tribe approaching with a different colored skin, this was a warning sign and was treated as a hostile threat. This guard up probably prevented many people in their tribe from dying at one point. It is so apart of us that we don’t even know what we’re doing or why we’re doing it. Analyzing yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. It’s like trying to describe the back of your neck to somebody without using a mirror.

A-Good-DeedWith all this in mind, it’s easier to understand why a lot of teenagers become trouble makers and ultimately grow to be murderers, rapists, and criminals. All because their parents used “hate” a lot as a coping mechanism to deal with the fact that they can’t change things that aren’t in their favor. Not only is a positive attitude preferred in order to evolve, it’s detrimental that we uphold this optimism. Negative people deteriorate the world while good people rebuild it. It’s a constant game of tug of war that has no winners because the game is never over. So how do we make this not 50/50 anymore? The shortest distance between two points is a straight line so why not just convert some of those negative 50 to make it more of a 55/45. Eventually good will win over and this alone will alter our future. It will prevent future murder rampages, anarchy in the streets that will result in a costly war, or it could even prevent an all out nuclear war that would wipe us off the face of the earth. Doing good for people is not meaningless, it is one step closer to making everything better for our children and grandchildren.

Understanding the potential to this principle alone is extremely important in order to evolve our quality of living in the future. Its an investment that will have a tremendous return. The same thing goes for people who do good things for one another. It makes goodness spread even further due to these people being convinced first hand that people are good to one another. Faith restored in humanity I guess you could say. So the next time you feel yourself hating the way the world is, try finding something you love about it and outwardly express that often. The only way to fix the haters is to love them. This love must be real. Not for selfish reasons but because we’re all apart of this. I highly encourage you to get the wildfire started, the snowball rolling. All you have to do is, good. That’s it.

Thank you for lending me a portion of your finite time. Make it worthwhile.