Your goals – 1 year ago today

A year ago I asked some of you what your next year’s worth of goals were. These were your responses.

Carl Stanley – “My goal is to win the Swedish Championship of Close up magic and to develop 30 well worked trough minutes of Stand up magic.”

Francis Karagodins – “my goal is to learn the clipshift without sound or flashing”

Arthur Poon – “I hope that my 1st gambling-like system will be created by the date, Oct 26, in next year!”

Ariel Frailich – “I hope that the book I’m working on right now, that SHOULD be finished in another week or so, will ACTUALLY be out by then!!!!”

Alex Cheong – “I hope i cn win my close up competition next year”

Bret Pendlebury – “My goal is to be a member of the Magic Castle, and have my “I’m not crazy” show put together”

Sai Gopal – “I wish to put up my stage show and get it performing.”

Kyle Walker – “my goal is to release a close up effect on theory 11 thats not on the wire”

Jens Siekas – “i hope to be alive and well”

Ben Mo Fo Williams – “This is deep. I hope to have released to the magic community at least two of my gimmicks by then. Again, damn this is deep!!! Mr Orbit you are something else!!!”

Jim Bowers – “My goal is to finally finish the production of our sick deck of cards.”

Marco Fernandes – “Single h shuffle.”

Scotty Chu – “My goal is to start making good quality Flourishing and Magic videos.”

Lisa Ellison – “I want to learn 3 cool tricks! That might sound stupid, but, I’m not a magician in any way. I love watching your stuff though. <3" Heawie Chow - "my goal is to perfect the classic pass" Zach Davidson - "My goal is to perfect my pass and also become a better performer overall. i want my audiences to be left with nothing to say after every show." Brice BriceMagic Harney - "In the next year I would like to put together a stage show to perform at high schools and colleges. I would also like to get my name out in the corporate world so I can begin to work trade shows. I do not want a "normal" job. Magic is my life. Settling for a job in the classified ads would be a waste of my biggest passion, not to mention my life. It is wonderful that you are doing this Chris. You have always been a great source of inspiration and encouragement for me. I am sure many others can say the same." Matt Miltonberger - "In the next year I would like to be able to perform tricks other than the basic ones I know. To push aside the thought of fear of messing up and nervousness in my routines. Also to appreciate the knowledge of magic that I have sitting on my book shelf that I have yet to look at after about 2 years of purchasing it. To read books, they contain more knowledge than DVDs ever will, the true original source of information." Suhas Chamarty - "my goal is to master bottom deal and flourish really well!!" Manny Buendia Salgado - "In the next year I would like to start performing magic for real audiences not just for myself. Start to build a career from magic and become a mentor so people in my hometown can learn and enjoy the art of magic. And last one, start my own entertainment agency! 🙂 Thanks Chris! I will start working ASAP so I can accomplish the most!" Billy Lian - "In the next year, I will perfect my own materials and publish at least 1 PDF and give back to this amazing society which gives me so much! =)" Liam Oz - "I want to share more magic with people. My goal is to take the teachings of past great magicians into my own work and create a performance of close up magic that is natural for me. One that is second nature. And then be able to share my experiences with other performers." Tharun Iyer - "My Goal is to set up my own proper shows with success 🙂 See you next year !" Allec Blanco - "My goal for magic is to complete my 3 pamphlet series of effects, ideas and sleights! I have the first one partially complete. And I would also like to become a member of the Magic Castle, I have the skill, I just need the green paper! As always, DO WORK SON!" Kim Silverman - "Any 2 of the following 3: * Learn Terry Lunceford's ring levitation plus the Derren Brown Script * Learn "Rapprochement" * Make a video of a proposed Castle act and send it to the booking person" Billy Guan - "My goal is to make awesome magic videos with stories that make sense." Omar D. Renfro - "My goal will be to help you do at least one video nd publish at least one of my effects." Tony Trav - "My Goal is to help you with something. Its been more than a year since I have been doing magic because I am going to school for product design and it is intense! I can help design a logo, Photoshop anything or help in designing a gimmick! I love your stuff and it would be fantastic to help you out in some way. Let me know if I can be of any assistance!" Bobby Mixon - "Was really dedicated at one time....I will try. My second goal is to see you perform w/ a levitation effect of some sorts, but you've always known that." Joram Barrientos - "Chris Brown, my goal as a magician is to confidently set my feet on the streets to perform and give smiles and entertain people and maybe to some be an inspiration." Szőke Kiss Vince - "I want to create a magic video wich is more then just a magic/flourish video(like AO), and get a sign card from Chris Brown.That's my gaol to the near future." Shea Stacy - "To actually begin performing for more than the mirror." Ian Band - "I am not a magician. I was when I was 13. I'm 50, I'm a lawyer, a father and a husband. I still do card tricks from time to time. My goal is to keep doing them here and there, to remind people how amazing this craft is, and to encourage them seek out those of you who have dedicated your lives to this amazing craft." Marco Tonetti - "I want to start and complete writing the book I've been planning for a couple of years now. I can't tell many details about it and and I will never credit my self for it, since it could be dangerous for me now and in the future. What I can tell you is that it will be a milestone for any card fan, and you will all read or hear about it sooner or later in your magic career. M:T" Jenai Dalal - "Put more emotion in my motions :)" Zagan Zaz Hall - "i want to improve my card manipulation and flourishing as well as showman ship i want to make it an experience and hopefully think of some sweet moves i think i thought of a nice flourish the other day and i want to put a lot of work in to some gambling slights i don't really gamble but i love seeing gambling slights i want to make them more fluid that apply s to everything i do in cards i want to reach a level of smoothness ^^" Did you meet your mark?