Chris “Orbit” Brown

Chris Brown was born at 3:53 pm during a raining Sunday afternoon on March 9th, 1986 from parents Martha and Jim Brown in Santa Clara, CA at Kaiser Hospital. Since childhood he was fascinated about how things worked and has ever since been chasing genius without realizing it. Throughout the years Chris has developed many talents but none compare to his love and passion for magic starting at the age of 19 in 2005. He was molded by a group at the Magic Garage which operates out of the Bay Area. At the garage he met many magicians who were experts in their field. Every Friday for 3 years straight Chris would attend a 6 hour long workshop learning something new every week. He still attends from time to time. During the first 3 years of his magic he would practice about 8 hours a day on his craft. You can still find Chris showing magic to strangers. From the Magic Garage he met John Bodine, Chris’s mentor and close friend. He would have one on ones with John as he grew through his early 20s til today. After being in magic for 4 years Chris invented his first Algorithm when he was 23 after meeting Kim Peek, the original rain man. He has entitled it, “The Rainman Algorithm” which in under 5 seconds after telling him your birthday he can tell you what day you were born on, what day you’ll turn 65, what it will be this year, and what it would have been 100 years prior. His algorithm is proof of the depth to which he observes things. Aside from noticing patterns in day to day things, card mechanics has always intrigued Chris more than card flourishes. Needless to say, Erdnase is one of Chris’s inspirations in the field of card work. His YouTube career started with a webcam and doing a coin matrix routine on a pillow. Today his craft has been seen by some of the biggest names in all of magic. He is privately hired by big companies in the bay area to perform professional close up walk around magic. His mind is a giant playground of infinite possibilities. is his platform to where he will extract every creative thought he has about magic. Welcome to beautiful insanity.