The Orbit Jam 4

The Orbit Jam 4 was the jam that changed everything. For the first time ever, cardistry was able to be seen on the big screen. I rented out a theater at the AMC Mercado. Around 50 people showed up to this event. It was 10 dollars to get in. Everybody received a free 4th Edition Orbit deck and Orbit stickers at the door. We sold Orbit hats, uncut sheets, and every edition of previous Orbit decks. We hung out about an hour before and a couple hours after the show. After it was over we all went to In-n-Out for lunch. Each new Orbit jam moving forward will be tailored for the big screen. I have always wanted to have a real life Orbit jam. At the jam we watched the Orbit doc which will be available on YouTube soon. After the doc, we watched the Orbit jam 4. After that, everybody had a chance to buy the unreleased Orbits at 10 dollars each. I learned a lot from the event. The next one will be even better. We’re already working on the next Orbit Jam concepts. As the Jams develop and progress, the theater will undoubtedly get bigger. This one was a 93 seat theater, it’s my goal to fill the 400+ theater someday. We’ll get there! Each Jam will have to outdo the last. As for the video, I had some serious talent helping me. Nick Stumphauzer made the opening title sequence, Matt Miltonberger made the last graphic with the V5 Orbits, and a composer friend of mine from New Zealand, State, made the final song which was a cover of the song “the Return” from Stranger Things season 2. This was made specifically for the V5 reveal with Andrew Avila, which was filmed by Sean Oulashin. So many talented people all coming together. Obviously we can’t forget all the talented cardists who put their time and effort into the project. We plan on making each video moving forward exponentially better than the last. If you can, definitely try to come to the next Orbit Jam in November. To see our work on the big screen changes everything. Very surreal.