The Orbit Deck: Second Edition

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Welcome to the second edition Orbit deck. The Blood Red Orbits are sharp cards for card handlers and collectors. The stationary center circle hints towards the ideology that even while spinning out of control, the card handler remains focused and composed in the midst of chaos just like the circle during a pirouette. The circle represents a level beyond expert that only a select few will ever reach. Perfection. The two figures in the circle remind us that in order to achieve perfection, you must submerge yourself into it. The two figures represent You and Me, Yin and Yang, Alpha and Omega. Balance. The second edition has received a face-lift and feels a little different from it’s predecessor. The red Orbits feature thinner borders, thinner card stock, updated tuck, and the new hand drawn Ace of Spades. Right out of the box the red Orbits feel sleek and easy to manipulate. Thin but not flimsy. They have a certain spring to them that is unlike any deck I have held in a while. In this deck, just like the first edition, you’ll find the following features:


This was something I have always liked because you can do various routines and sequences that you might not be able to accomplish with indifferent jokers. Sandwich effects are easier and it becomes possible to make it look like you have two jokers when you only have one in your hand whiles using a false count. These jokers were hand drawn by Daniel Schneider and then converted to Adobe Illustrator. The Jokers feature “Carl” the Ostronaut on a bicycle on the moon. It’s a tipping of the hat towards bicycle all while saying we are now leaving Earth and ascending into the beyond. As the years progress, this statement will become more and more evident. The plans I have for the Orbit brand are monumental. A double backer has so many possible applications. Dai Vernon used a double backer to fool Houdini. The man who couldn’t be fooled. He used the tilt along with a double backer. In the right hands, a double backer can be a deadly secret weapon.


flap_right_blackI chose this option for a few reasons. If I were a card, I’d be the 8 of spades. It can go undetected, it represents infinity, and it is the symbol for the magician in the tarot card world. You can do transposition effects galore with a duplicate. Also, in a spread if you see the 8 of spades twice you won’t think anything of it because it doesn’t demand attention. An extra Ace or court card would be much more easily spotted if there were two in the same vicinity of a face up spread. Also, yes the Red Orbits are a one way deck, as are the Blue Orbits. If you open a brand new deck of Orbits and turn one card upside down in the pack, I’ll tell you which one you rotated within 3 seconds. Feel free to search for it on the back design for yourself but if you can’t find it then just send me an email/message and I’ll let you in on it. I’d rather not broadcast this in public. This is one of those fun secrets that give you an extra edge while performing.

13394167_10154199568657560_2893429973826360182_nWhile choosing my ad cards I asked myself, “Chris, what can you include with the deck that will provide the most versatility?” The most mileage. After careful thought and over a decade in the field I came to these 4 choices. 2 duplicate jokers, double backer, and a duplicate 8 of spades. I honestly don’t think there is a better combination that would provide more possible outcomes. Too many ad cards in today’s custom decks only serve one purpose and some serve no purpose. At the end of the day, I was a magician before I was a card mechanic and move monkey. This deck meets the needs of all card practitioner styles. Magicians, mechanics, collectors, and cardists.

Since this is my second time through the process with USPCC, I feel like we are much more in sync with one another. They informed me about a few decks that were thinner stock and asked if I wanted mine that thin. I did some hands on tests with different decks and found out that some of these were too thin and flimsy. We went back and forth trying to find the sweet spot with the stock until finally we agreed upon the air-cushion finish that most resembles the feel and stock of standard bicycles. What was funny is I had a couple people test the Red Orbits out and they said that they feel much better than bikes. When I told them they were pretty much the same stock they felt silly. What people fail to realize is that the USPCC has had over 100 years of trial and error with their flagship product. Bicycles. It really shows in the final product. Right out of the box they are ready to go. I wanted these to be easier to shuffle and manipulate. I wanted it to be easier to squeeze for pressure fans and spreads. The process was very thorough and I made sure I carefully overlooked every square inch of the outcome.

ro_06When I received my private stock of Red Orbits I tried to look for defects and was trying to see if I could spot anything that I didn’t like. I couldn’t. The original plan was to create more of the reds than the blues but that plan ended up being reversed. During the printing process, there was a surplus of the Blue Orbits and a slight deficit with the Red Orbits. A few Red’s were damaged in the shipping process and there were exactly 2500 total printed. Which means there are about 2400 reds in circulation and about 2800 Blue Orbits. Moving forward my minimum will be 5000 for future Orbit decks. This means that the Red Orbits will be the most rare edition of the Orbit deck lineup. Also, each edition moving forward will have a slightly different back design while staying true to the original Red and Blue Orbits.

acecenterNow is your chance to get the rarest edition in the Orbit Deck lineup. I have no intentions of stopping so buckle up, we have a long journey ahead of us with many Orbits coming down the wormhole. Also, moving forward I will be skipping Kickstarter all together. This will make orders come that much more quickly and decrease your wait time by months. I feel that we have enough momentum to stand up on our own two feet without the help of Kickstarter. It is my goal to make each edition feel unique and I refuse to release it until I truly believe that it’s perfect. I am a firm believer that more than just the color should be changed on a new edition of a given deck. Each one will connect with the previous one all while standing alone in it’s feel. Pick up some Second Edition Orbits before they’re all gone!