The Rainman Algorithm

In this book you will learn how to tell somebody what day of the week they were born on, what day they’ll turn 65, what day it will be the current year, and what it would have been 100 years prior to their birth all in under 10 seconds of hearing their birthday. All in your head. No charts, no graphs, no long equations, no complex math. It is the simplest method ever created. The only math you’ll be using is 1st grade addition and subtraction. The entire method is accomplished in 3 steps. It will take a bit of practice but I am completely confident that anybody can learn this. Use this as an ice breaker when meeting new contacts/clients or simply for the sake of understanding the entire calendar. This should be a no brainer for mentalists or any performer that uses intellect and mind effects. A method this simple was up until recently deemed “Impossible”. Even after I openly told a few mathematicians that it IS possible and I have it in my book, they still don’t believe me. After you’re done learning the method, you’ll never need to look at a calendar again for the rest of your life. This is not a trick or a gimmick. You will become the calendar in less than 62 pages.

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