The Skeptic Silencer


Season 2: Episode 8 – the Skeptic Silencer. This is one of those effects with cards that seems too unbelievable to be real. Especially to magicians, skeptics, and critical thinkers. I have researched a few different ways to go about doing this and it seems like the few that know this and use it have their touch differently that is specific to them. I would say 1 out of 20 magicians have seen this before and I’d say half of them have forgotten all about this rare gem. I showed this effect to Chad Long among other magicians who all gave me the same look of “Yeah right..”. It was at that moment when I realized this is great for other magicians as well. It removes the thought of sleight of hand and it feels magical due to its simplicity and power. I understand the need to see something before you can purchase it which is why I included a very bold Card at any number routine within this episode as sort of a reward to your faith in me. I am very confident that after you have watched Episode 8, you’ll be happy I didn’t show it in the trailer. Too many people would try to reverse engineer it and come up with harder ways to do this simple effect. When I first saw it in Las Vegas I was completely fooled. I had no idea how it was done. Jordan Johnson, Jesse Feinberg, and I pondered about this for a solid 2 days and came up with our sneaky way of doing it that was way too complex. When we discovered the method we couldn’t believe how simple it was. Anybody can learn this effect and astonish groups of people. There are obviously no angle issues, no sleight of hand requirements, and virtually no experience needed in order to execute this properly. It’s all in the showmanship at this point. I would not give you something that I didn’t think was amazing. Keep this effect up your sleeve when attending magic conventions or gatherings of critical thinkers who like to pay attention to detail. The harder they think, the further away from the answer they inevitably end up. Enjoy silencing the skeptics and thinkers with these two hard hitting routines. Welcome to Episode 8. The Skeptic Silencer.

Approximate running time – 20 minutes