Under The Roof


Season 3: Episode 7 – Under The Roof by Sergey Koller. Ladies and gentlemen I give you, Sergey Koller. Sergey is a 17 year old cardist living in St. Petersburg, Russia. When I saw the short video clip of Sergey doing his Under The Roof change, it floored me. It looked like real magic. My analytic mind went to work the moment after I saw this move. I came up with a few ideas but after watching the instructional he filmed for theClassroom I appreciated it even more. There are a few additional paths he has left in the instructional. I truly think you’ll love it. Sergey has a good friend who also had his debut on theClassroom, Nick Vlow. One of the reasons why I chose Nick and Sergey was their obvious talent but apart from that I chose them for their humble approach. In this episode you’ll learn a color change, a top/bottom control, a deck color change, and more. I am pleasured to have theOrbitbrown.com feature Sergey’s very first public release. I know you’ll enjoy this episode as much as I have.

Approximate Running Time – 25 Minutes