Venus Trap Revisited

Episode l – The Venus Trap, founded in 2006, is one of the most invisible moves ever created. In this episode, I will dive into the depths of my very first control. In this lesson you will learn the Venus Trap along with all the branches that come from this tree. With clear over the shoulder camera shots I make learning the Venus trap extremely easy. The Venus Trap is a variation from a move created by George Pugh in 1949 entitled “Pugh’s substitute for the double lift”. The Venus Trap Revisited includes some of the things I’ve learned throughout the past few years after my first release with dan and dave. This is my very first download all on my own. I’ve been striving towards this for years now. I think after 6 years of doing the move it is time I put out a revisited updated video. Although I will also say that you should buy the Venus Trap download at because thats where it all began. You’ll appreciate my revisited instructional after learning the origin of the move on Dan and Dave’s site.

Obviously I couldn’t put all the moves and ideas in the trailer because people would try to reverse engineer them and plus, this leaves some suspense to what you’ll be learning. With a little bit of practice you’ll be performing the Venus Trap and all of its applications with minimal effort. Like a boss.