The Perfect Circle

Pope Benedict lX wanted to commission some paintings for St. Peter’s and so he sent a courtier around to find the best painter in Italy. The courtier asked all the artists to give him a sample of their work to send to the Pope. He came to Giotto’s workshop, explained his mission, and asked him for a drawing which would give the Pope some idea of his competence and style. “Sure,” said Giotto; and he laid down a sheet of paper, reached for a brush dipped in red paint, closed his arm to his side to make a sort of compass of it, and in one even sweep scribed a perfect circle. “There you are,” he told the courtier, handing it to him with a smile. “That’s your drawing?” asked the courtier, who didn’t know whether Giotto was pulling his leg. “Is that all you’re going to send His Holiness?” “That’s more than enough,” said Giotto. “Send it with your other drawings and see whether it’s understood or not.” The Pope’s messenger took the drawing and went away trying to hold his temper. Did that little painter think he was a fool? When he got back to Rome he showed the Pope the big O and told him how Giotto had scribed it—freehand, without a compass. The pope and his advisers DID understand the achievement of that O and gave Giotto the commission.

Giotto used the perfect circle to demonstrate the level of artistry he earned. Only a handful of people on this planet are able to draw a true completely geometrically perfect circle. The circle represents that zone that most people strive for but seldom arrive to because we give up and think this level doesn’t exist. The circle is perfection. Its the universe. Its life. Its a mentality. Its the highest level of expert there is and it is also you. It is infinite. No beginning, no end. I tattooed the symbol on my left forearm so I can be reminded that such a level exists within all of us. Its not naturally achieved, its reached through persistence and endurance. It’s not just about being the top class in any field you devote yourself to, its also about finding the stillness in your life and making things work in your favor from the energy you’re attracting due to the energy you’re giving out. Being at peace with all that is. Actually caring about one another because you know its certainly what you want in return. The circle keeps me motivated to complete my masterpiece and leave my mark.

The Circle’s meaning has encompassed my entire life and my motivations. This website is just one of the tools I will use to achieve all of my goals. Feel free to join me in this trek. Where most see a blank canvas I want you to see a masterpiece that you have yet to make. Enjoy your stay and welcome to